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Even if you have a nice logo you may still need our help.

We can update your existing logo and make all the little changes you have always wanted to make.
Or maybe, you would like the logo you pop into your document to have clean edges for once.

If you need a new logo, We do that as well.

We will provide high & low resolution files for you
in whatever format you require .

So when the web-guy asks for a transparent .gif file,
a sales rep asks for a .pdf file,
and the printer wants a .ai vector art or a photoshop file,
you can say, "Sure... I have that!".

Having these files at your disposal will not only save you a lot of money
in future art fees and reprints,
it will also help keep your logo, corporate colors & identity consistent.

Heck, just knowing the different types of files will make you look cool too!

It is not just the little guys either,
you would be surprised at the number of big national companies
that DO NOT have the proper files when they need them.

For over 30 years,
We have been designing almost anything our clients require.

Logos, Corporate Identities
CDs DVDs & Packaging
Ad Specialties & Marketing Supplies,
Business Cards & Letterheads
Presentations, Posters, Signs, & Banners
Team Uniforms, Clothing, T-Shirts, & Fabric Patterns
Catalogs, Brochures, Books, Publications
Websites & Desktop Images
iPhone, iPad & Laptop Custom Skins
Musical Instruments, and even Tattoos.


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